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Covid 19 Starts The Second wave down, will It Hold?

22 Jan 2021 ‚óŹ 04:38 AM

Covid 19 and its side effects have kept fear elevated. The second wave up and the risk of new strains have played on people's minds. A million healthcare workers have been vaccinated already despite rumor-mongering about the vaccine's efficacy. But here are some covid charts starting with India. No second wave here up or down yet. Something good happened here.

In the US, California was the center of the news for new cases especially south California. now finally you get some sense of control on this chart. After a second wave up and a double top we have a second wave down maybe.

Lastly, UK where lockdowns had to be reimposed we are seeing the impact of controlled movement of people. A second wave down, a second attempt at ending the pandemic.

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