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A Brave New World

27 Sep 2021 ‚óŹ 07:58 PM

I just upvoted sending back my kids to school. There is something about it that says it is about time. Then I looked at this chart. Even as this is the US the chart for the world is very similar and next below.

Daily new cases are falling everywhere. So where did the Delta variant go? No, the vaccines did not kill it. The world just got herd immunity? Or maybe the virus mutated into a less lethal variant. So did the Spanish flu after wave 3. So it was a guess based on historical behavior. So far so good. Let's pray it stays that way. Now we can deal with the new normal. Many paradigm shifts have been imbibed by the world in the way we work relate and conduct ourselves. Some might have become more permanent than we believe. Let us absorb this new reality.

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