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Hind Zinc

27 Aug 202005:48 AM

Hind Zinc - was in the list of Value wave investments already. Not covered ever since I started doing so for metals is my mistake. The stock is now in wave 3 and withing that wave v of iii started today as wave iv was a triangle. The major swing high and resistance is near 290

While I am looking the big picture is also important. The long term chart shows unusual stregth within the sector. The stock has outperformed long term. The recent decline could have been marked as 2 of 5 but instead I keep that as an alternate. Wave 4 at the lower end of the channel as complete is easier to deal with right now. Then wave 5 up started. From the low of 122 5=1 is at 1000. Can we get the muscle to go to the top end of the rising channel near 3000? We cannot know in advance but will watch the 5 wave advance inside the 5th develop for clues.

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