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6 Aug 202005:32 AM

The entire period from 2003 ti 2017 is marked as a leading diagonal. Now this is the largest and longest in terms of time that I have seen a leading diagonal. I could not think of any other way to mark this move. The subsequent bear market is a complex W-X-Y-X-Z as in a triple zig-zag. So what is starting now is wave 3 circle. Now 3=1 based on this set up is 2290. That appears crazy as of now. During bear markets I have seen third waves after a leading diagonal unfold in 1/3 the time of wave 1 or faster. But never obseved the same in bull markets and never this long term. So we will see what happens.

Short term we do see wave v of 3 unfolding. Inside wave 3 iii=i and if v=i then we get to 325

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