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16 Mar 2021 ‚óŹ 04:53 AM

Now if you were wondering how to read this data then it's quite simple. Look at the "RAW" reading for each day. The dates are in mm-dd-yy format at the top. The Raw DSI is the actual reading of the day's survey, rest are averages of that number. So if the daily reading is below 10 we are getting extremely oversold and above 90 extremely overbought. Sometimes one day's reading does it sometimes there are repeated readings. Readings close to these extremes can also be noted. This data is best used along with the Elliott Wave count and not stand alone. In today's data, I have highlighted a few extremes. 92 showed up at least twice recently for Soyabean Oil. And we are getting near a low for the VIX, if it drops to single digits we should prepare for a VIX expansion. Bonds once again came to 12 after 2 readings near 9 earlier. T-Bonds means the 30 year US Treasury bond.

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