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US 30 year Treasury Bond futures

29 Apr 2021 ‚óŹ 05:34 AM

Are bonds yields rising, not yet. Even if they do they should trail inflation and real interest rates may remain negative. But here is a chart of the 30 year long bond price [opposite of yields/rates]. Prices bounced off this neckline last month [discussed in the Long Short report] [weekly chart], and the bounce so far is very small. So while the daily chart can show many whipsaws of buy/sell in daily momentum indicators, here on the weekly chart the momentum is in buy mode and well below the zero line, which means it should take time to bounce before it rolls over to head lower again. there is room in between for lower or flat yields for a while till the momentum normalizes. A right shoulder might develop above the neckline before we head lower in bond prices [higher in yields].

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