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Elliott Wave Basics

31 Jul 2020 ‚óŹ 05:18 AM

This Video is your quickest Insight into Basic rules of Elliott Wave Analysis and the structure of the wave patterns.  15 minutes of invaluable viewing that will allow you to better understand all my Posts on the website that are based on this Model. The second [half] 15 minutes discusses the 2 investment models that define all the long term wave counts for the stock market or for stocks. The Kondratieff cycle and Elliott Wave counts Interact perfectly over a 70-100 year period with a clear 5 wave move during the expansionary phase of the economy. Similarly the business cycle of a stock goes through the value phase and the growth phase, and we discuss how that is also reflected in Elliott Wave counts long term over 5-15 years for each cycle. These insights will go a long way in helping you take investment decisions. A total 30 minutes that will change your perspective.

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